Where is going to be The Longest Zip-line In The World?

A new record of Guinness Records book is going to be set and this time the highest Yell will be heard from Armenia.

Yenokavan Village in Tavush region is home to Yell Extreme Park and Apaga resort. It will take you two hour drive from Yerevan to reach the village.The population of neighborhood is nearly 620 people. Agriculture and cattle is their main activity.

During the last 10 years tourism in this community recorded stable growth, making social conditions of the villagers better and better. The complex already provides 65 workplaces.

Tavush region, mostly known as Armenian Switzerland, is mountainous and rocky, embellished with Alpine meadows as well as thick forests and melodious rivers. One can find perfect conditions to develop eco and adventure tourism in here.


What gives Yell Extreme Park.

You don’t need to be professional for doing extreme sports and enjoying moments full of adventure and  adrenaline. Yell Extreme Park gives all opportunities. It will take you 2.5 hour drive from Yerevan. Even this hours on the road will not leave you without joy and admire.

In July, 2015 was the first Zip-line flight.

In August 2016 the number of visitors increased to 15.000
During that period the Extreme Park team was creating new activities and ideas to provide the visitors more options for fun.

Since November 2015, beside the zip-line flight, one can also experience

  • Zorbing
  • Paintball
  • Paragliding
  • Off road tours
  • Rope Park
  • Horseback riding
  • Rock climbing
  • Mountain climbing
  • Via Ferrata


Today the longest Zip- line is 750m. You will fly on the high of 200-300m with the speed of 5-7m/s.

And now the Yell Extreme Park team designs a new Zip Line, which is going to set a new record of Guinness Records book. With the length of 2680m and 250m high, it will connect Yell Extreme Park with Yenokavan Village.

So in near future you are welcome to experience a 3 minute flight with the speed of 120km/h and give the highest Yell from Yell Park in Armenia.