1. Customer’s Agreement

This website (from now on referred to as “this Website”) is maintained and operated by Next is Armenia Limited. When “customer” or “customer’s” is stated in these Terms and Conditions it shall mean (1) any individual who accesses the website and (2) anyone on whose behalf customers purchase services.


  1. Modification of Terms and Conditions

 2.1. The customer is advised to check the Terms and Conditions page frequently to be made aware of the most current version. This is because Next is Armenia reserves the right to modify, revise or adjust any section of the Terms and Conditions at any given time without previous notice. In the case of modifications, the company will publish these changes on this page and provide respective indication at the bottom by indicating the date when the Terms and Conditions were last updated.

2.2.  After any edits or adaptations have been made by Next is Armenia , the customer’s continued use of this Website indicates the customer’s acceptance of the revised version. Customers are advised not to use or continually access this Website in cases where they do not agree to abide by the revised Terms and Conditions. It is solely the customer’s responsibility to visit this page of the Website to understand whether or not there have been any modifications since their last visit.

2.3.  Furthermore, when partaking of the Services provide my Next is Armenia , the customer shall be held accountable to any additional regulations applicable to the given Services that may be added to the page regarding such services. These terms are similarly integrated by referenced in these Terms and Conditions.

  1. Access and Use of Services

3.1 Content Ownership

This Website, maintaining the domain name www.nextisarmenia.com and including its subdomains, features and applications (that is inclusive of but not by any means limited to), as well as content are strictly the property of any owned by Next is Armenia .

3.2 Providing and Availability of Services

3.2.1. In accordance with these Terms and Conditions, Next is Armenia elects to provide the Services itself. Services that are selected by the customer from this platform are only for the customer’s use, and not for the advantage of any third party. It should be noted that the term “Services” comprises but is not limited to the use of this Website and/or any Services offered by Next is Armenia via this Website. Moreover, Next is Armenia reserves the right to impose limits or additional conditions on certain Services. Next is Armenia also reserves the right to restrict the customer’s access to any or all of the Services without notification or obligation.

3.2.2. Next is Armenia does not insure that Services will be accessible and unremitting at all times. Furthermore, Next is Armenia will not be responsible to the customer if for any reason Services become unavailable at any moment or for a period of time. Thus, the customer is the responsible party for making sure that any individuals who access Services via the Website are conscious of the most current Terms and Conditions, as well as other applicable terms for the specific Services, and that the customers subsequently comply with them.

  1. Website and Content Materials

4.1 Content Use

4.1.1 Any and all materials shown or executed on this Website inclusive of but not limited to written materials, data, graphic materials, articles, photographs, images or other illustrations, video and audio materials collectively referred to as “Content are protected by copyright and intellectual property laws. This Website, provided and operated by Next is Armenia , is intended for the customer’s personal use and not for commercial use of any kind. Services may only be used in agreement with these Terms and Conditions.

4.1.2 If Next is Armenia finds it appropriate to allow the customer to access this Website and/or its Content materials, this access will not be exclusive or transferable. Access to the Website operated by Next is Armenia will only be given in agreement with these Terms and Conditions. At its sole discretion, Next is Armenia may elect to alter or delete the appearance, substance or functionality of any or all portions of the Content. This may be done at any given time, with no prior notification to the customer.

4.1.3 The customer is responsible for abiding by all copyright notices, trademark regulations and other restrictions present in this Website. The Content accessed via this Website shall not be replicated, modified, translated, published, announced, transmitted, sold or otherwise exploited for any given purpose without previous expressed written permission of Next is Armenia .


4.2. Next is Armenia's Obligation for the Website and Content

4.2.1.  Next is Armenia is not equipped to ensure the identity of any other users with whom the customer may come in contact with during the course of the use of the Website.

4.2.2. There are no circumstances under which Mellow will be responsible in any form for any Content, or any loss or damage or any kind sustained in relation with the use or application of or exposure to any Content published, emailed, accessed, transmitted or else made available via the Website.

  1. Intellectual Property Rights

5.1 Intellectual Property

5.1.1 Any and all intellectual property rights existing in regard to this Website belong to solely to Next is Armenia and have been officially licensed to Next is Armenia for purposes of use on this Website. The Website, Services, and Content are protected by copyright and the respective intellectual property rights as joint works. Thus, the customer acknowledges the following: (a) The customer shall not alter, post, transfer, take part in the transmission or sale of unoriginal works based on or that in any way exploit any section of the Website and its Content. This also includes software, materials and the Services. Furthermore, (b) The customer shall not save any signification segment of Content in any fashion. Replicating or saving any Content excluding for personal and noncommercial purposes is strictly forbidden without direct permission from Next is Armenia .

  1. User Submissions

6.1 Uploading Information

6.1.1 Throughout the process of accessing the Website and/or using Services provided by Next is Armenia , the customer may be asked to provide information. By doing this, you approve and sanction Next is Armenia to apply your personal data in agreement with the Privacy Policy.

       7. Responsibility for User Submissions

7.1 The customer will be the sole responsible party for all User Submissions that are uploaded, emailed, or otherwise disseminated in connection with this Website.

7.2 The customer affirms that they shall be accountable for their own User Submissions and the results of publishing all User Submissions on this Website. They acknowledge and ensure Mellow that: (a) The customer owns or has the necessary rights, licenses, consents, releases and/or permissions to use and authorize Next is Armenia to use all copyright, trademark or other proprietary or intellectual property rights in and to any User Submission to enable inclusion and use thereof as contemplated by this Website and these Terms and Conditions; and (b) Neither the User Submissions nor the customers publication, submission or transmittal of the User Submission or Next is Armenia's use of the User Submissions, or any portion thereof, on or through this Website and/or the Services will infringe, misrepresent or be in violation of any third party’s patent, copyright, or other proprietary or intellectual property rights.

7.3 The customer is responsible for all activity with respect to the use of this Website and/or the Services. Moreover, the ensures Next is Armenia that they shall not: (a) Conduct any fraudulent, abusive, or otherwise illegal activity which may be grounds for termination of thier right to access or use this Website and/or the Services; or (b) Transmit any communication or solicitation designed or intended to obtain password, account, or private information from any other user of this Website; or (c) Violate the security of any computer network, crack passwords or security encryption codes, transfer or store illegal material or engage in any kind of unlawful activity that is expressly prohibited; or (d) Run maillist, listserv, or any other form of auto-responder, or "spam" on this Website, or any processes that run or are activated while you are not logged on to this Website, or that otherwise interfere with the proper working of or place an unreasonable load on this Website’s infrastructure; or (e) Use manual or automated software, devices, or other processes to "crawl," "scrape," or "spider" any page of this Website; or (f) Decompile, reverse engineer, or otherwise attempt to obtain the source code of this Website.

7.4 The customer is held accountable for withholding, filing, and reporting all taxes, duties and other governmental assessments associated with your activity in connection with using this Website and/or the Services.

  1. Registration and Security

8.1 In order to partake of Mellow’s Services, the customer may be required to open an account with Next is Armenia . This shall be known herein after as a “Next is Armenia Account”

8.2 Providing Personal Information

8.2.1 One of the conditions when using some of the Services may be to register with the Website and select a password and email. It should be noted that when accessing the Website through a Third Party (e.g. Facebook), Next is Armenia may require the customer’s Next is Armenia User ID match your user name for the aforementioned Third Party sites.

8.2.2 The customer shall provide Mellow with correct, full, and current registration information. An inability to do so shall constitute a breach of these Terms and Conditions that, in turn, may result in immediate deactivation of the customer’s Next is Armenia Account.

8.2.3 The customer also assures the following: (a) Creating a false Next is Armenia User ID or the selecting thereof with the intention of impersonating that person or (b) the use of another individual’s Next is Armenia User ID shall not be done without expressed permission from that individual.

8.2.4 Additionally, Next is Armenia reserves the right to deny registration or reject a Next is Armenia Account at its old discretion. The customer shall be responsible for maintain the privacy of their chosen password.

  1. Reviews and Further Correspondence

9.1 When a customer completes a booking or makes a reservation they agree to receive confirmation messages (in the form of emails), as well as an invitation email(s) or app notification(s). Emailing a review is optional. It should be noted that the confirmation and guest review emails are transactional and are not part of the newsletters or marketing mails, from which a customer can unsubscribe.

9.2 By emailing in a review, you grant Next is Armenia the right to publish this review on the Website if deemed appropriate and in full compliance with the Review Guidelines. Next is Armenia reserves the right to translate, edit, adjust, ignore or not publish reviews at its sole discretion. 

9.3. The customers their compliance with these Guest Review Guidelines. Furthermore, they affirm that the content is truthful and not deceptive

9.4 Submitted reviews may not contain inapt or offensive content. Reviews may also not contain anything that implicitly or explicitly promotes the illegal activities. Reviews also should not include anyone’s personal information or advertise other services or products.

9.5 Content submitted by users via email shall be treated as non-confidential. Next is Armenia is under no obligation to treat such content as proprietary information. Not limiting the aforementioned, Next is Armenia reserves the right to use the content as it deems appropriate, including altering, adjusting or refusing to post it. Next is Armenia is not obligated to financially compensate customers for content that they submit.

  1. Booking Confirmation, Cancellation, Tickets, Vouchers, Fees and Payment

10.1. Booking Confirmation

10.1.1 Some select Services may instantly be confirmed. Otherwise, any time necessary for confirmation as mentioned on the Website is simply for the customer’s reference. The actual time required for confirmation may differ.

10.2 Purchase and Use of Vouchers

10.2.1. Via the Website, the customer may obtain vouchers from Next is Armenia for the Services provided in several destinations. They will receive an email confirmation of their purchase containing a Voucher Confirmation Number and printable version.

10.2.2. To take advantage of the Vouchers, the customer must come to location as set by Next is Armenia in a timely manner, and present the respective documents and/or information required by Next is Armenia . This may include the Confirmation Number or alternatively the printed Voucher. Failure to appear on time or to supply the necessary documents will result in Voucher cancellation for which no refunds will be available.

10.2.3 Next is Armenia is not responsible for lost or damaged Vouchers or Confirmation Numbers. If customers attempt to use a Voucher in a dishonest or illegal manner, Next is Armenia reserves the right to refuse the Voucher and no refunds will be available.

10.3 Voucher Terms

10.3.1 Vouchers are considered entry tickets to one-time Events. Thus, the date(s) indicated on any given Voucher is the only date(s) when the Voucher may be used. In the case of Vouchers remaining unused, no refunds will be available.

10.4 Voucher Cancellation

10.4.1 The customer may elect to cancel their Voucher in customer profile page or by getting in touch with Next is Armenia customer services within the mentioned cancelation period. 

10.4.2 The rules of Next is Armenia's cancellation period is as follows: If a one-day tour is cancelled two weeks before the tour, a full refund will be given. If a tour package is canceled one month before its start date, a full refund will likewise be given. In the event of cancelling a hotel reservation, if done so two weeks ahead of time, a full refund will also be given. If cancellations occur any latter than the aforementioned time periods 30% of the full payment will be deducted, excluding cases of accidents or tragedies, proof of which must be provided. As all payments are received through Armenian banks and in Armenian Drams (AMD), refunds will be given in the same currency, and will be converted (if necessary) the service charges of which Next is Armenia will not cover. The transfer will be consisted with the current exchange rate.

10.4.3 Next is Armenia is the party which offers the Services for Events. These are the Events to which the Vouchers correspond. Next is Armenia is thus the sole party responsible for confirming or denying and Vouchers acquired by the customer in relation to all given Services.

10.4.4 Customers are advised to directly consult with Next is Armenia in the case of questions of concerns regarding the Service the customer received in relations to the Voucher. All costs for Vouchers are non-refundable. Updated prices listed for Vouchers are in the currency mentioned on the Website in advance of purchasing.

10.4.5 In case and Event for which the customer has purchased a Voucher is cancelled, Mellow will notify them as soon as possible, and will process a full refunds to the card used for purchase.

10.5 Necessary Assistance

10.5.1 In case a customer attempts to use a Voucher in agreement with these Terms and Conditions and the additional terms relevant to the given Voucher and is unable to do so (due to a complication by the Partner or otherwise), the customer is kindly asked to contact Next is Armenia , so the support staff may liaise with the Partner to provide and appropriate solution.

10.6 Additional Fees

10.6.1 Next is Armenia also maintains the right to require payment of fees for any Services offered. The customer is obliged to pay all applicable charges as prescribed on the Website in relation to such Services selected by you.

10.7 Fee Modifications

10.7.1 Next is Armenia may alter its price list for any fees or charges. These edits will either be sent to the customer via email of posted on the Website. The customer’s single or continual utilization of the Services provided by Next is Armenia following the notification of these changes indicate their agreement of new or altered fees and charges.

10.8 Next is Armenia's Rights and Responsibilities

10.8.1 Next is Armenia maintains the right to cancel reservations or purchases of any Services that are deemed in violation of this policy. These conclusions are made at Mellow’s discretion.

10.8.3 Though Partners are required to provide Next is Armenia with correct and current prices of the Services reflected on the Website, Next is Armenia cannot ensure that all prices for the Services provided by the Partners are correct and current at all times.

10.9 The aforementioned Terms and Conditions and regulations regarding return policies are applicable to all Next is Armenia users in the region.

10.10. Payments

10.10.1. All payments are received through Armenian banks and in Armenian Drams (AMD). The transfer will be consisted with the current exchange rate.

  1. Discounts

11.1 With every tour taken with Next is Armenia you will be given a discount card, which you can use for future Service purchases. By giving advance notice, you may also give this card to your friends to use for the same purpose.

  1. Privacy Policy

12.1. To understand Next is Armenia's policy with regard to the use of personal data, customers are encouraged to review the current Privacy Policy that is included is these Terms and Conditions. The customer’s acceptance of these Terms and Conditions indicated the subsequence acceptance and agreement of the Privacy Policy.

  1. Insurance

13.1. The customer will insure and hold Next is Armenia , its staff and Partners inoffensive of all damages, liabilities, settlements, costs and legal fees, claims or demands made by any third party due to or relating to the customers access to this Website, use of this Website, violation of this Terms and Conditions, or the infringement of any intellectual property using your Next is Armenia User ID.

13.2. Upon necessity, Next is Armenia reserves the right to participate in the defense of any claim or action or negotiations for settlement.

  1. Disclaimers and Limitation of Liability

14.1 Relationship of Parties

14.1.1 Next is Armenia does not have a particular relationship with or financial obligation to the customer for accessing and using the Website and its Content. The customer acknowledges that Mellow has no duty to take action with respect to: (a) Those who access this Website; (b) The content that is accessed via this Website; (c) How the Content may influence the customer; (d) How the customer may analyze or use the Content; and (e) What activities they engage in pursuant to having been exposed to the Content.

14.2 Services and Comments

14.2.1 The customers duly note and affirm that Partners may provide Services on this Website, and that recommendations or tips may be given by the Partners or Users of this Website. Next is Armenia makes no guarantees or insurances regarding the exactness of descriptions anywhere on the Services, or regarding suggestions or recommendations of the Services proposed or acquired through the Website.

  1. Interaction with Third Parties

15.1 Links to Third Party Websites

15.1.1 This Website may contain links or references to third party websites, platforms or services, herein after referred to Third Party Websites. Third Party Websites are not owned or in any way controlled by Next is Armenia . Links to Third Party Websites do not establish validation or reference by Next is Armenia of such Third Party Websites or the information, products, advertising or other materials available on said Third Party Websites.

15.1.2 When the customer accesses Third Party Websites, they do so at their own discretion.

15.1.3 Next is Armenia maintains no control over, and assumes no responsibility for, the any and all material present in Third Party Websites. Moreover, Next is Armenia will not and cannot in any way alter the content of any Third Party Website. By using the Services, they hold Next is Armenia exempt from any and all liability arising from your use of any Third Party Website.

15.1.4 The customer’s engagement with groups or individuals found on or through the Services including but not limited to the Partners are exclusively between

15.1.5 Customers are encouraged to do any research they feel is necessary before proceeding with any online or offline transaction with any of these third parties.

15.2 Next is Armenia's Obligation

15.2.1. The customer confirms that Next is Armenia is not responsible for the loss or damage of any nature encountered due to such dealings. In the case of a disagreement between members on this site, users and any third party, they confirm that Next is Armenia is under no obligation to become involved. In the case of a dispute with one or several other users or third parties, the customer exempt Next is Armenia from claims, demands, and sought damages of any nature.

  1. Termination

16.1. Termination by Next is Armenia

16.1.1 These Terms and Conditions will be in full effect while the customer use the Website or its Services. Next is Armenia may cancel or deactivate the customers access to the Services or their membership at any time. This in turn, may result in the complete termination of all information associated with the membership.

16.2 Consequences of Termination

16.2.1. In the case of termination of a customer’s Next is Armenia Account, the customer’s right to part take of the Services, access the Website or any of its Content will seize. All clauses of these Terms and Conditions will remain intact despite termination including but not limited to ownership provisions, warranty disclaimers, and limitations of liability.

16.2.2. In the case of these Terms and Conditions being terminated as a result of the customer’s violation, Next is Armenia maintain the right to cancel any outstanding Vouchers the customer may have acquired previous to the aforementioned termination, without refund or accountability.

  1. Passports, Visas & Insurances

17.1. The Customer’s Responsibilities

17.1.1. All travelers regardless of nationality and destination have the sole responsibility of checking with the respective consulate of the country they visit for current entry requirements.

17.1.2. Taking into consideration that visa and healthy requirements are subject to periodic change, Next is Armenia encourages travelers to confirm health and visa requirements with the respective consulate preceding departure. Moreover, Next is Armenia firmly recommends the purchasing of comprehensive travel insurance policies in anticipation of departure.

  1. Miscellaneous

18.1. Severability

18.1.1 If any clause of these Terms and Conditions is considered to be unenforceable or invalid that provision shall be eliminated to the slightest extent appropriate so that the terms may otherwise maintain their integrity.

18.2 Assignment

18.2.1. These Terms and Conditions are not sub-licensable by the customer except by Next is Armenia's previous written agreement.

  1. Contact

19.1. Please contact Next is Armenia in cases the need to report any violations of these Terms and Conditions or to raise any question or concerns regarding these terms.