To get a big dose of positive emotions in the middle of hot summer time, you should come to Armenia in late July or early August.

Check what day the most beloved and joyful holiday in Armenia is going to be celebrated.

Vardavar  is an Armenian pagan holiday , connected with Goddess Of love - Astghik. She used to spread love across the Armenian land by pouring rose water  over the people. The meaning of holiday changed, after the adoption of Christianity. Now Vardavar is symbolizing Jisus Christ’s Transfiguration.

The custom associated with the holiday to this day involves people splashing water on one another. Over the years , this cheerful custom has transcended courtyards and gone beyond age limits.

If you are in Armenia on this day you risk having water poured on you outside, in a cafe and even in a public transport. If you want to be a part of this cheerful holiday, then dare to go outdoors dressed in non-translucent clothing. The first bucket filled with water will be awaiting you just around the corner. 

To actively participate in the festivities you should go to the epicenter of Vardavar- Yerevan’s Swan Lake, where you are sure to get your dose of positive emotions.