A very special place that represents the Ancient Armenia. Khndzoresk village is full of caves located on both sides of a deep rocky gorge with a river in the bottom.

Excavations showed that this area was inhabited from ancient times.

Khndzoresk is located in very south of Armenia, in Syuniq region. This place is home to over 3000 cave-houses, 4 churches, 7 schools, 3 dyeworks, several leather workshops, oil mills, as well as about 27 other shops.

From ancient times people lived here and defended their lands. Locals are known as the bravest and unbreakable ones. The most recent developments were in 18th c National lib movement in Syunik, when the village was the citadel at that time.

Armenians lived in this village till the mid of 20th c. Some say they leaved their homes because of earthquake, when some rocks were falling dawn. They founded New Khdzoresk and up to now live in there.

Khndzoresk means deep gorge village.