1. First of all you need to walk around the city center, to feel the breath and the mood of yerevan.                                                                                               It will take you through the ages of development and growth of our capital. Your walk will be joyful especially when you notice that people around are not in a rush.
  2. Visit Singing fountains on Republic Square.                                                Every evening at 9 pm singing fountains attract hundreds of locals and guests from abroad. Beautiful music and colorful water dance will give you final mood of Yerevan.
  3. Go to the Cascade complex also known as Cafesjian Modern Art Center.    Here you will find very impressive and interesting sculptures by famous modern artists. From the top of Cascade you can admire the view of the city. Especially in the evening when the lights are on, it’s impressive.
  4. Visit local souvenir bazar Vernisaj , not far from Republic Square. This is must see place in Yerevan. It works only on weekends. Here together hundreds of artists from Yerevan and surroundings to represent their art and crafts. Here you can find everything local, handmade,  representing Armenian culture.
  5. Brandy lovers shouldn’t skip Ararat Brandy Factory in Yerevan.                                 The oldest brandy factory in the country is Ararat, opened in 1887. Ararat brandy was honored to be admired by Frank Sinatra, Winston Churchill, Agatha Christie and many others. You need to book your visit beforehand. It includes 30m excursion in the in-house museum and tasting. Here you will be represented the history of the company and technologies of brandy making.
  6. Visit the museums in Yerevan. It’s a long list of very interesting ones.  But there are some, that really worth to see. Don’t skip the History museum on the Republic Square, Manuscript Museum on Mashtoc street and Erebuni museum representing the history of Yerevan. Genocide museum and memorial is a place from where all the diplomatic and political visits start in Armenia. To learn one of the hardest periods of Armenian history , you can visit genocide museum.
  7. Experience nightlife. Yerevan is one of the safest cities. You will feel very relaxed even very late at night in the streets as well as in clubs of the city center. Music clubs, karaokes, Jazz clubs, rock music pubs and lounge cocktail bars are here to fill your free time with joy and fun.
  8. Taste local cuisine. Visit traditional restaurants with folklore show programs. This is real fun to be a part of local parties and taste delicious local food.
  9. Visit local food market and get out from there feed. All are inviting to taste some delicious sweets. Here you can experience you bargain skills :) You should do your best to bargain for 10-30% discount. :).
  10.  And… another important thing you need to do in Yerevan is finding a friend that will show you around and make you think that you should be back next year for better parties and fun.